Post-session Questionnaire

Welcome to your Post-session Questionnaire

Please take a few moments to complete the questionnaire about our previous boudoir photo session.  Your answers are confidential and appreciated.  Thank you.

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1) What words would you use to describe your boudoir experience?
2) What were the highlights of your photo session?  What was most helpful?
3) How did you feel coming to the boudoir session?
4) What would you say was your confidence level with your body image then?
5) After our session, how did you feel?
6) Was there a change in your confidence level?
7) What, if anything, surprised you the most about your experience?
8) If there were any improvements that could be made to make this experience better, what would they be?
9) Would you refer The Boudoir to friends and/or family?
10) Are you happy that you used The Boudoir for your photo experience?
11) Would you allow your answers to this questionnaire to be shared anonymously with potential clients?

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